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After the Best .. then Train with Midd-West!

Basic overview of Main Courses offered by Midd-West Risk Management, Orange, NSW.

Please Note: All Courses can be run In-House to accommodate your needs. We commonly run them in a ‘Public Course’ format (where participants from several organisations join together, to make up enough numbers to run a course).

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Courses we offer ...

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HSRep Training:
for New HS Reps & some Members of HS Committees

5-Days: HSReps (SafeworkNSW Approved)
Under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011, PCBU’s are required to ensure that all workgroup health and safety representatives (and their Deputies) are appropriately trained.
The aim of this course is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of HSReps so that they can play an active and effective role in workplace health and safety.

1-Day: Transition (GAP) Course (SafeworkNSW Approved)
Under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011, PCBU’s are required to ensure that all workgroup health and safety representatives are appropriately trained.  This course is available to workers who are now on their organisation’s HS Committee, and completed the previous WHS CONSULTATION Course in either 2010 or 2011.  On successful completion, attendees will have achieved HSRep status. 
Management  reps also trained in 2010 and 2011 can attend this course = an update for them?
The aim of this course, also, is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of HSReps (and their Deputies) so that they can play an active and effective role in workplace health and safety.

Specialist HSRep Training

Workplace Safety Committee Refresher (One day: Specialist Course)
No longer a legislative requirement, but highly recommended to keep your Committee / Members on track. Variations between a few hours and a full day course can be negotiated. Tagged onto end of a Committee meeting?

Chairperson of HS Committees (One Day: Specialist Course)
The Chairperson’s course is designed to re-enforce and build on the Approved 5-Day Course for HS Reps.  However, participants who have not attended such courses will also benefit from attending.  Ideal for current and prospective, or stand-by Chairpersons, and Chairs of Community groups.
Course includes: An Update of WHS Legislation/Responsibilities, Role of the HS Committee, The process of Joint Consultation, The Chairperson's Role, Chairing Skills - group exercises, Evaluating your Committee and Developing Action Plans.
This course can also be run to improve basic skills for running more effective
Committees / Meetings (without necessarily focusing on WHS).


Specialist / WHS Training

WHS Risk Management for Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders
1 or 2-Day Course: Specialist Course
Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders are an essential link between WHS strategic direction and operational implementation. This updated training package is relevant to supervisors and line managers in a range of industries. The Course can be adapted to suit your In-House delivery needs.
The aim of this course is to facilitate the development of contemporary knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enable supervisors and line managers to contribute to their organisations' WHS and Injury Management program within their defined limits of authority. It is intended that attendees than play an active and effective role in the SYSTEMATIC workplace health & safety risk management system. Therefore the training methods used in this course place an emphasis on the active participation of all course participants.

Can be run on consecutive or separated days, to suit your needs.
The course can be delivered as a
one-day version (this version can be somewhat condensed!)

People Management Skills for Supervisory Personnel
3 Days: Specialist Course
The fundamental role of management is to motivate people to attain either personal or corporate goals and objectives. People in supervisory positions must manage themselves, others, and change, in order to achieve these goals.
This specialist course builds on participants’ experience in the workplace and helps them manage staff more effectively. It also equips them with skills and confidence to improve communication. The course is designed for managers, supervisors and staff and development training officers. A follow-up Consultancy service is available to compliment the first two days. Topics covered include Time Management, Delegation, Stress Management and Conflict Resolution.

Managing Workplace Hazardous Substances - 1 Day: Specialist Course

Aim: To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to apply the provisions of the WHS Regulation 2011, and in the context of their work, assist in implementing the processes and activities required by the legislation to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with working with hazardous/dangerous substances in the workplace. The course also aims to develop the appropriate attitudes needed to enable participants to be effectively involved in the process of substances management, including identification, risk assessment, and control of the risks.

WHS General Induction for Construction Work

1 Day: SafeworkNSW Approved – contact us if you need help.

Induction card  
The construction induction card provides proof of completion of general construction induction training.

It is required for people:

  • carrying out construction work, including site managers, supervisors, surveyors, labourers and trades persons  
  • who access operational construction zones unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person, and
  • whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones.

The card ceases to be current if you have not carried out construction work for any consecutive period of two years or more.  Refer to SafeworkNSW website    www.safework.nsw.gov.au

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme
2 courses - approximate 3 hrs & 5 hrs: VETAB Accredited / NHVAS (2007) Driver Fatigue Regulations

These Courses are VETAB Approved Courses & designed to facilitate Companies wishing to join the NHVA Scheme via Entry Audit & attain Accreditation, and mainly to gain greater operating hours. Compulsory National Regulation now governs such hours. An understanding of the 3 levels of Operational Work Hours is addressed in the courses, and cover: Standard Hours; Basic Fatigue Management & Advanced Fatigue Management.
The 1st part of the Managers course consists of the Drivers Course – so Managers will actually complete both courses, whilst drivers only have to do the TLIF 1007C course.

Drivers under BFM and AFM
(Approximate 3hrs)

TLIF1007C Apply Fatigue Management Strategies

Schedulers, and people who supervise or manage drivers or schedulers & Owner-drivers
(Approximate 5hrs – which includes 3 hrs for BFM course)

TLIF6307A Administer the Implementation of Fatigue Management Strategies

Hazardous Manual Tasks  
1 (Long) Day: Specialist Course

Purpose of this course is to provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills to apply the provision of WHS Regulation, 2011, in any workplace situation.
The course covers: the process of Identification of Hazardous Manual Tasks, the Assessment of the associated MH Risk, and Control of those Manual Handling risks. This process involves the WorkCover, 6-step approach to managing any WHS Manual Handling issue.

Other MWRM Training Services, that can help meet your needs…

  • Training Needs Analyses;
  • Training Program Development;
  • Job Safety Analyses / Safe Work Procedures;
  • Incident / Accident Investigation;
  • Confined Space Awareness;
  • Hazard Management;
  • WHS Induction;
  • Presentation Skills;
  • Running more effective meetings.

If you have a Training need, call us. We may have options that will help.


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Training Calender ...

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If you are interested in attending any of our courses, click on the link below to download an enrolment form in Portable Document Format (pdf). Simply print out and fax, post or email to us. The address is on the "Contact Staff" page.

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